Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Website!

Hello All,
I am finally getting my social media and online presence into gear - a brand new website is up and running where customers can get a really good idea of what I design and there are links to shop in my Etsy store, or request a custom order straight from me. Very exciting!
You can find it here:

This little Indian yoga statue ring just went to its new home in New Zealand, I loved this ring and it took all my strength to list it on Etsy, but I am thrilled that it will be appreciated by a new owner.

Wednesday, 6 November 2013


Hello and welcome to the new blog! This will be my way of letting you know what is going on in my studio, any great spoon and fork finds at flea markets, new work and art inspired discoveries.
Georgina Baker Jewellery was founded out of a need of mine to take cast-aside souvenirs and once precious things and turn them into wearable and functioning works of art and jewellery. It started with my graduate work from Auckland, New Zealand's Unitec in 2005, and was picked up by local fashion boutiques. After a big move to Canada in 2009, fashion stores here also began stocking it and my work and business have grown from there.

Two children, a house and a husband later it looks like I am very much Canada-based now (but don't remind my mother.)
My range includes cufflinks, earrings, bracelets and necklaces, all made from souvenir spoons, antique forks and spoons and semi-precious stones and gems. While many people work with vintage cutlery, I like to think mine are very different in that at first glance you would not know what they once were. Fork tines become dagger like, spoon bowls become canvases for sweet little hearts and knife blades become gothic adornments.

I do a lot of commission work out of people's family silver - hence the name of my largest collection, the Family Silver pieces which includes necklaces and bracelets from spoon handles. So, if you are interested in this please get in touch and we can go through the process together.

My Etsy shop can be found at: